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November 15, 2010

Kalau pandai, teka la!!!

Don't Let Go

We swore not too long ago,
"I'll never let you go,"
but there are things one outgrows---
you simply had to go
"Can I change your mind?" I asked, but you turned me down
'twas all futile, I know;
in my heart, it just failed to show (oh)
Who'd have ever thought that what we had would end,
when each thought of you finds me in love again?
If the time we borrowed lingers deep in my soul,
how could I let you go?
(and now)
Will you ever know...despite all this time, I love you so
when I failed to show that my heart can never let you go?
Our past is something that still lives on in dreams that memories show
(In each one, I wished that you didn't go)
(and I) tried with all my might but there's no end left in sight, you know
I cast them all aside, but such feelings one cannot just throw
Impossible a task my heart just can't seem to undergo
is to move on and finally let you go
(here's why)
My heart's only for you
It beats only for you
My heart's only for you
It beats only for you
My heart's only for you
It beats only for you
Oh, oh, only for you

lagu korean lor…


P/S: ni my latest faveret lagu.even lagu dh lame tetibe jatuh cinta dgn lagu n lirik dy.oh maii….agak menenangkn ati dikala tgh celaru n xde mud also.erm..korg tahu ke lagu ape ni??


ni boifie sy yg bru.
hari2 dy nyanyi utk sy.



i know WHO you are !