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October 29, 2009


Salam sume
i know i make a mistake for not updating dis blog for almost 1 week.
my bad,my fault...
i m too bz wit life,classes,assignment n my honey. ;)
until lupe at dis blog.
from now, i will try n try to keep update wit u all.
latest story,
last week i ad futsal tournament.
mule2 xnk msok tp coz dipkse msok n kesian dgn my frenz..
so..bermain la cik F ni futsal.
nk tahu cte selanjutnyer?
tnggu next entri k??

just nk bg tahu today is my little sis bufday yg ke -14.growing-up so fast lor..
actually hampir terlupe psl bufday die.
yela die jer yg smbut bufday dlm family pling last.
huhu...sory ie
ape pon disbb kn terlupe nk beli cake tuk die,
dgn slumber nyer pegi beli muffin coklat n letak 1 btg lilin for her.

*rupe agak cm ni*

just a symbolic.
tonite mybe we gonna celebrate it.
mybe la..
okay la.
got go now.
want to have my sleep coz today gonna be a long day.
got a VB quiz.

once again..


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