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May 28, 2009


SE T707

Let your friends light it up
Give your best friends their own, unique pulsating light effects.
When a call from one of them comes in,
you'll know who it is in a flash.

Glamour and magic

The lustrous colours of the T707
add some extra glamour into your life.
And there's magic, too - you control your phone with a wave of your hand.

Share your life
Capture life as it happens
around you with the 3.2 megapixel camera.
Share with friends - post your pictures on your blog with just a few clicks.

available in 3 color..
- Spring Rose
-Lucid Blue
- Mysterious Black

SE W205

Know your music
More music equals more fun. Use TrackID™
to identify songs you don't recognize -
but want to hear again.

Radio entertainment
Tune in the FM radio to your favorite station.
When you hear something you like,
why not record it and use it as your ringtone?

Multiple phone books

Keep your contacts organized,
even if you and your family use the same W205.
There's one shared and four private phone books.

available color ..
- Ambient Black


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