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September 26, 2011


as’salam sume :)

Rindu saya tak?
Saya rindu nak ber blogging semula.cume takde kesempatan. agak sibuk menguruskn diri sendiri, incik BF, family dan lain-lain.
masalah datang dan pergi.kerja tak pernah habis.
waktu tidur tak menentu.waktu dah suntuk.idea like chipsmore.
kejap ad kejap takde……arghhhhh!macam2 la!

Insyallah i will try to have a tiny free time and also a little space in this coming October. Hopefully, tak sesibuk like September and i don't want to fight with myself and my unnatural feeling again and again.
btw, there are something change in this early October.what it is??
stay tune okay.
take care everyone…

someone T_T

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